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Fire Sprinklers

How often should fire sprinkler systems be inspected?

Regular inspections are crucial! Generally, fire sprinkler systems are required to be inspected annually by a qualified professional to ensure proper functioning and compliance with safety standards.

How much will an annual fire sprinkler cost?

The cost of an annual fire sprinkler inspection is based on the location of the building, the number and type of systems in the building, the location and number of backflow preventers. Reach out to us and we will provide a free estimate!

I received a deficiency letter from a Fire Marshal. What do I do?

Usually, a Fire Marshal will give you 30 days to resolve those needed repairs. Heritage Fire can provide you a free quote to repair your building’s deficiencies. Upon approval, we can schedule and complete your repairs and submit paperwork to the Fire Marshal to resolve the repaired deficiencies. 

Do you service my area?

We provide fire protection services across Kansas. We do not currently service locations in the Kansas City, Manhattan or Lawrence jurisdictions.  

Sprinkler FAQ

Fire Extinguishers

How often do my extinguishers need Inspected?

Fire extinguishers must be inspected by a certified/licensed Fire Extinguisher company annually. Additionally, trained personnel, most likely someone on your staff, are required to conduct monthly inspections.

What are the different types of fire extinguishers?

There are several types of fire extinguishers, each designed to handle specific types of fires. Common types include ABC (for ordinary combustibles, flammable liquids, and electrical fires), CO2 (for electrical fires and flammable liquids), and water-based extinguishers (for ordinary combustibles).

How do fire extinguishers work?

Fire extinguishers work by releasing an agent that either cools the burning material, removes oxygen, or interrupts the chemical reaction that sustains the fire.

Extinguisher FAQ

Emergency Exit Lights

How often should emergency lighting systems be tested?

Regular testing is essential to ensure the reliability of emergency lighting. At minimum, annual testing & documentation is required, but the frequency may vary based on your jurisdiction. Many fire marshals also require monthly 30 second tests.

Do emergency lights need to have backup power in case of a general power failure?

Yes, emergency lights are required to have backup power. This can be done by either provided batteries in each unit or by a central emergency generator that provides power to ALL emergency exit & light units in the event of a power failure.

Exit Light FAQ

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