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New Construction Installation

For new construction projects, we take your architectural drawings and partner with a third-party fire protection engineer to design a code compliant fire sprinkler system, focused on life safety and cost saving methods, for installation costs, as well as future testing & maintenance costs. This thorough process ensures the safety of the system and that it meets applicable fire codes & standards. Once this is complete, we obtain local and/or state fire marshal approval of the drawings before proceeding with the installation.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection & Servicing

  • Required Annual Inspections
  • Fire Sprinkler Maintenance
  • Our Process
Annual Inspections

Required Annual Inspections

Whether you’re looking to replace your damaged roof or install a new one, you can count on us to ensure your fire sprinkler system not only meets code, but will save lives. The systems must go through routine inspections to ensure they are functional, do not have leaks and meet all local fire code standards. Heritage is committed to conducting a comprehensive inspection and providing a user-friendly digital report for both you and the fire marshal. This report will clearly outline the status of your system in relation to regulations, enabling all involved parties to understand the compliance level. Additionally, it will offer precise guidance on steps required to ensure adherence to codes, if any adjustments are needed.

Sprinkler Maintenance

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

Fire sprinkler maintenance plays a pivotal role in safeguarding properties and lives against fire hazards. The experts at Heritage Fire Protection offer full-service and timely maintenance to enhance the longevity, ensure they comply with local fire code standards, and provide peace of mind to property owners.


Our Process

  1. Conduct Annual sprinkler inspection
  2. Submit our inspection report to the Fire Marshal & City Water Department
  3. If deficiencies are identified, provide a proposal to repair
  4. Customer proposal approved & repairs are made
  5. Repair documentation sent to the Fire Marshal to maintain compliance

Remodeling and Retrofitting Existing Buildings

Our team at Heritage has extensive experience with remodeling & retrofitting existing buildings with fire sprinkler systems. This includes installations in several Historic buildings around the state of Kansas, projects that require extra attention to detail and historic preservation. We offer free estimates on all remodeling and retrofitting projects.

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Our Installation Process

  1. Review architecture drawings
  2. System designed by licensed fire protection engineer
  3. Fire marshal approval process of design plans
  4. Installation by Heritage Fire Protection’s construction team
  5. Fire marshal final inspection
  6. Turnkey handoff & occupancy of building
Fire Sprinklers

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should fire sprinkler systems be inspected?

Regular inspections are crucial! Generally, fire sprinkler systems are required to be inspected annually by a qualified professional to ensure proper functioning and compliance with safety standards.

How much will an annual fire sprinkler cost?

The cost of an annual fire sprinkler inspection is based on the location of the building, the number and type of systems in the building, the location and number of backflow preventers. Reach out to us and we will provide a free estimate!

I received a deficiency letter from a Fire Marshal. What do I do?

Usually, a Fire Marshal will give you 30 days to resolve those needed repairs. Heritage Fire can provide you a free quote to repair your building’s deficiencies. Upon approval, we can schedule and complete your repairs and submit paperwork to the Fire Marshal to resolve the repaired deficiencies. 

Do you service my area?

We provide fire protection services across Kansas. We do not currently service locations in the Kansas City, Manhattan or Lawrence jurisdictions.  

When a fire sprinkler system is present and operating during a fire, civilian death rate decreases by 89%

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Certified Fire Sprinkler Services

Whether you need fire sprinklers for a new building, you’re replacing your existing fire sprinkler system, or you need your current system repaired, inspected, or maintained, we’re here for you.

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