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First Line of Defense Against Fire

Extinguishers are the first line of defense against fire. From restaurants to grocery stores to apartments, fire extinguishers can keep small fires from spreading and getting out of control, saving lives and millions of dollars in damage.

Heritage Fire Protection provides expert fire extinguisher services in Wichita, KS and surrounding areas.

Required Annual Inspections

All fire extinguishers must be inspected annually by a certified technician. The licensed Heritage team performs these inspections quickly and accurately, providing up-to-date digital inspection reports. We inspect all types of fire extinguishers in every type of occupancy.

Heritage Fire Protection performs these inspections across the state of Kansas in retail stores, laboratories, medical offices, restaurants, grocery stores, office buildings, and more.

Fire Extinguishers Inspection

Fire Extinguisher
Servicing and Replacement

If your extinguisher unit fails inspections or is due for the required internal examination and/or hydrostatic testing, our expert technicians can resolve your servicing needs before leaving your location, keeping your facility in compliance with fire code requirements.

Fire Extinguisher Replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do my extinguishers need Inspected?

Fire extinguishers must be inspected by a certified/licensed Fire Extinguisher company annually. Additionally, trained personnel, most likely someone on your staff, are required to conduct monthly inspections.

What are the different types of fire extinguishers?

There are several types of fire extinguishers, each designed to handle specific types of fires. Common types include ABC (for ordinary combustibles, flammable liquids, and electrical fires), CO2 (for electrical fires and flammable liquids), and water-based extinguishers (for ordinary combustibles).

How do fire extinguishers work?

Fire extinguishers work by releasing an agent that either cools the burning material, removes oxygen, or interrupts the chemical reaction that sustains the fire.

Fire Extinguishers effectively put out fires 95% of the time.

Superior Fire Extinguisher Services

We value our community’s safety. Reach out to Heritage Fire Protection for a free estimate for your fire extinguisher needs.

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