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Ensuring Life Safety With Emergency Exit Systems

Annual Inspections & Testing

All exit & emergency lighting must be tested annually for no less than 90 minutes per the NFPA 101 code. Our trained technicians can perform the required testing and visual inspection. This is often done alongside the fire extinguisher annual inspection to be more cost effective for our customers.

If any repairs or battery replacements are needed after conducting the testing, our technicians can resolve those problems while they are on site, and in most cases eliminate the need for an additional repair trip charge.

Emergency Exit Lights

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should emergency lighting systems be tested?

Regular testing is essential to ensure the reliability of emergency lighting. At minimum, annual testing & documentation is required, but the frequency may vary based on your jurisdiction. Many fire marshals also require monthly 30 second tests.

Do emergency lights need to have backup power in case of a general power failure?

Yes, emergency lights are required to have backup power. This can be done by either provided batteries in each unit or by a central emergency generator that provides power to ALL emergency exit & light units in the event of a power failure.

Properly functioning emergency exit systems are essential to the quick and safe evacuation during emergencies.

Exit & Emergency Lighting Services

If you need emergency exit lights tested, replaced, or installed, Heritage Fire Protection will give you peace of mind that in an emergency situation your building occupants can evacuate quickly and safely.

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